Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Through our unwavering commitment to the shared values that define our Group, Vikor is proud to have come to be recognized by global organizations as an industry leader. Nearly four decades later, our commitment to these values remains just as strong. Scroll down to have a look at what some of our partners have had to say about us.

As a three-time 1st position winner at the National Distributors Conference, we know that it takes more than just hard work and perseverance to be trusted by the world’s biggest and best-reputed companies to deliver life-saving goods to nearly 200 million people;  it takes experience and team spirit;  it takes a dedication to achieving excellence via continuous improvement, and a commitment to the highest ethical values.

wyethThe Vikor staff have proven time and time again that they truly are on the run for the highest service quality. They have shown excellent reporting skills and amazing service quality. Wyeth

Glaxo Smith KlineVikor Enterprises is the largest distribution company in Pakistan. Their service is quality is top notch and practically the best our company has ever seen. GlaxoSmithKline

pfizerThe Vikor team is a highly skilled force, demonstrating excellent command over their services. Pfizer