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Current Openings


Date Posted: March 21st, 2017

Job Title: Pharmacist – Compliance

Job Description: 

  • The Vikor Group is seeking an Pharmacist with compliance experience. The successful candidate will implement our Quality Management System (QMS) protocols, maintaining the highest standards for the storage of, identification, and monitoring of pharmaceutical products, while ensuring full compliance with our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). See below for a list of core duties and responsibilities.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • D-Pharm or equivalent from a reputable university / institute
  • Minimum experience of atleast 2-3 years
  • Excellent communication skills and puncuality are critical
  • Strong leadership qualities, experience in a similar role with compliance and documentation is an asset

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • To ensure the successful implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS) protocols associated with our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), to fulfill our audit and compliance requirements
  • To follow SOP’s on all core internal controls, ensuring best-practices are followed with regards to product storage, reconciliation, segregation, identification / labeling, receiving / transfer of cold chain products as well as expired / damage / recall products
  • To conduct continuous, detailed monitoring and recording of our cold chain process, taking care to ensure that proper documentation procedures are followed relating to warehousing / any other core procedures
  • Ensuring that the warehouse hygiene standards are enforced so that any areas allocated to our principals are neat, clean and tidy at all times, and all company equipment is maintained to the highest standards
  • Enforcing good housekeeping in ensuring that any dangerous or destructive items or equipment (e.g. paints, sanitary items, chemicals, electrical equipment, food / beverages) are not allowed or stored on warehouse premises
  • To maintain and update the Quality Management System check-list on regular intervals, with the broader goal of finding improved ways to achieve the highest standards in the handling of pharmaceutical products
  • To liaison with and to support internal and external audit teams during their visits to ensure proper compliance
  • Ensuring the monitoring and segregation of any and all breakages / damaged / expired products
  • To be vigilant of, and to immediately report any matters in writing to the Compliance Department which may come to your notice relating to: breaches of our Code of Conduct, lapses in the implementation of compliance procedures, violations of our SOP’s, or any other infractions / instances of misconduct

If you think you have the drive and the skills to succeed with us in this or any other position, please contact us at If you are shortlisted for a position, a member of the Human Resources team will contact you.