Cold Chain & Warehousing

Cold Chain & Warehousing

With innovative solutions that offer complete end-to-end transportation and warehousing services, your temperature-sensitive products are handled with the unmatched attention, reliability, and care that make us the national leader in clinical logistics.


The cold chain must never be broken


The temperature tolerances of pharmaceutical and food products depend vitally on the specific type of product being mobilized. Thus, cold chains are employed to ensure a constant temperature for products that are not heat stable (such as food products, vaccines, and serums), from the time of manufacture until the time they are used. This is particularly critical with the transportation and handling of vaccines, as vaccines are sensitive to both heat and extreme cold, and must be kept at the correct temperature at all times.

cold chain pakistan must never be broken

Pakistan’s First End-to-End Uninterrupted Cold Chain 


With over 250,000 square feet of warehousing capacity nationwide, Vikor offers the most comprehensive cold storage and distribution service in Pakistan to protect the integrity of temperature sensitive products. Vikor’s advanced cold storage facilities are designed utilizing the latest technology and are maintained in accordance with rigorous, internationally accepted Good Cold Chain Practices to ensure the uninterrupted storage and distribution of products within a narrow temperature range.


Precision Controlled Operation-Critical Warehousing & Delivery

Our fleet of temperature-controlled warehouses and vehicles maintain an uninterrupted cold chain at temperatures between +2.0°C and +8.0 °C, reducing the risks of liability that arise with the transportation process, and ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines, life-saving medicines, and other temperature-sensitive products. We institute a continuous 24-hour, multi-faceted temperature monitoring program utilizing frequently calibrated, high-precision data loggers to guarantee superior performance.

Precision Controlled

Rigorously Tested to Ensure Safety, Consistency and Reliability 

Our cold storage facilities are subject to frequent audits while being continuously monitored and validated under tight tolerances.  We conduct detailed temperature distribution studies an industry-leading four times annually on all of our shipping containers, vehicles, and storage areas to ensure product integrity and efficacy, from  the time we receive the product up until the point of delivery. Combined with thermal-mapped facilities and thoroughly validated failsafe backup systems, our principals can be assured of the safest, most consistent and reliable service available nationwide.

Rigorously Tested


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