Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The world’s biggest and best-reputed companies trust Vikor to distribute their products. Vikor has earned this trust by being committed to the highest standards of integrity and sincerity, and by always seeking to demonstrate transparency in all of our activities.

Committing to a Robust Regulatory Framework

We recognize that our long-term success depends not only upon the business activities that we pursue but crucially upon the manner in which we conduct ourselves as we implement our strategic objectives. In this regard, the Vikor Group has always sought to demonstrate transparency in all its activities. We guarantee a superior organization-wide compliance profile by ensuring that all of our  products, services, and systems are fully compliant with both local and international regulations.

In forming partnerships with the world’s largest and best-reputed companies, Vikor is subject to detailed and frequent reporting, quarterly audits, and inspection visits along with ongoing obligations to meet regulatory requirements. We continuously strive to make our stakeholders aware of the principles of our Code of Conduct, which are founded on internationally accepted standards. We require that our employees are aware of their obligations and responsibilities, and they declare that they have read, understood, and agree to the principles of the Code on at least an annual basis.

Additionally, Vikor is fully compliant to IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations) Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices, and is committed to educating and promoting efforts that benefit patients while preserving the independence of the decisions taken by healthcare professionals in prescribing medicines to patients. Vikor is also compliant to FCPA, International Health Care Business Integrity, and International Anti-Corruption policies.

The strategic decision to operate within such a rigorous regulatory regime ensures our stakeholders know with absolute certainty that our businesses and our employees are subject to regular internal and external audits, as well as to rigorous regulatory scrutiny. Vikor’s Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the Group’s performance and activities – accordingly, the Board promotes corporate responsibility and ensures that the Group’s business is conducted efficiently and in adherence with the highest professional and ethical standards.