About Us

About Us

From its humble beginnings in 1979 with one small office in Karachi, Vikor has evolved into an integrated healthcare group comprising of a family of industry-leading pharmaceutical marketing, distribution, and manufacturing companies. Today, the Group continues to grow with over 5 companies, enjoying annual revenues over $200 million.

Our Heritage

The Vikor Group of Companies are part of one of the  largest diversified business groups in South Asia. The companies are part of a storied business lineage that traces its roots back over a century with the founding of the Karim Silk Mills in Bombay during the time of the British Raj. The Group shifted its operations to Pakistan in 1947 to form HM Silk Mills, one of the earliest textile operations in the newly formed country. During the 1970s the partners diversified further, undertaking  several large, market-leading industrial projects in various sectors including: chemicals (TMI Carbonics), plastics (CBM Plastics), container manufacturing (Transpak), packaging (Metatex), and pharmaceutical distribution (Vikor Enterprises).

Today, the fourth generation of the family and its partners are active in furthering the business interests of the Group. The Group and its associated companies continue to be part of one of the largest industrial consortiums in the region, with decades of experience and global interests in the real estate, textiles, food and beverage, packaging, plastics, and pharmaceutical industries. Along with its strong asset base, the Group has specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience in the complex local manufacturing, distribution, product sales, and marketing landscapes.

The Vikor Group of Pharmaceutical Companies

First established in 1979 as a pharmaceutical distribution house, Vikor has evolved and grown into a family of industry-leading sales and distribution companies, which today collectively represent the pharmaceutical interests of the consortium.

From its humble beginnings with one small office in the Clifton area of Karachi, Vikor has expanded into 2 separate companies which presently comprise of:

enterprise  pharma

  • Vikor Enterprises – Established in 1979,  Vikor Enterprises is Pakistan’s leading national pharmaceutical distribution house
  • Vikor Pharma – Vikor Pharma is the sales and marketing arm of the Vikor Group, offering contracted marketing services to leading international pharmaceutical companies

With a mission to be the best integrated healthcare company in the world, our Group companies strategically offer a complete suite of product development, sales, and delivery support services, allowing us to successfully bridge the gap between need and fulfillment.


Changing Landscapes

Global pharmaceuticals revenues are expected to increase to $1.61 trillion in 2019, with medical technology expected to grow from sales of $363.8 billion in 2014 to $513.5 billion by 2020. Emerging-market expansion, aging populations, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, and advances in technology are further expected to spur ongoing sector growth. Globally, efforts by governments, health care providers and health insurers to improve outcomes and demonstrate value are dramatically altering the health care demand and delivery landscape. In Asia, lengthening life expectancies, increasing population growth, rising consumer wealth, and the expansion of public health care programs are anticipated to boost regional healthcare spending significantly during 2018-2021.


Strategically Advantaged

With the global pharmaceuticals segment expected to generate all-time-high total revenues during 2019, the global pharma sector is experiencing truly remarkable growth. As Pakistan’s leading fully integrated group of pharmaceutical companies, the Vikor Group of Companies are strategically poised to take advantage of this growth.  As part of a family of successful companies that have a strong financial base and deep knowledge of the complexities of the domestic pharmaceutical landscape, the Vikor Group of pharmaceutical companies are uniquely poised to capitalize on this growth. While the companies that collectively constitute the group are empowered to independently run their own affairs, they complement one another with shared experience, ideas, values, and goals.


Today, the Group companies are continuously growing in Pakistan, enjoying annual revenues over $200 million (Rs. 20 billion).